The following tutorials are available to help you learn Nova. Please note that there are several forthcoming tutorials for most recently upgraded features of Nova, though there are plenty of materials to get you started.

Modeling 101 (opens in new tab)

Getting Started

Stock & Flow Models

Spatial Models

Agent Based Models

  • 4a. Intro to Agent Based Models Concepts (5:30) | Exercise (18:30)
    Types of agents and agent containers, capsules, pins and channels, AData pin, parsing AgentVector data output
  • 4b. Visualizing Agent Location with the AgentViewerX Concepts (5:30) | Exercise (12:30)
    AgentViewerX plugin, setting initial locations
  • 4c. One-Dimensional Linear Motion Concepts (1:40) | Exercise (22:10)
    movement, constant speed AgentViewerX plugin, setting initial locations, bounce
  • 4d. Two-Dimensional Motion Concepts (4:25) | Exercise (25:30)
    2d movement, direction of travel, heading, bounce, correlated random walk
  • 4e. Agent Birth and Death Concepts (4:01) | Exercise (24:40)
    agent birth and death, synchronous interaction
  • 4f. Agent-Agent Interaction Concepts (23:20) | Exercise (1:04:35)
    synchronous and asynchronous interactions, identifying agents, local variables, agent birth and death

Using Nova with R