Richard Salter

Richard Salter is the architect of Nova working to improve Nova in response to research and education needs. He teaches in the computer science department at Oberlin College.

Wayne Getz

Wayne Getz is a computational population biologist and biomathematician using Nova to explore movement and behavior in epidemiology, conservation, and wildlife. He applies Nova in courses and in advising graduate and postdoctoral researchers at UC Berkeley.

Nick Sippl-Swezey

Nick coordinates with high school to undergraduate educators to explore epidemiology, disease transmissions, outbreaks, and health interventions with Nova. He also works with UC San Francisco using Nova for clinical trial planning and infectious disease research.

Julie Cruse

Julie Cruse manages communications and design across web and social media, and consults on product functionality and usability. She is also Director of Oberlin College Media Center.

Andy Lyons

Andy Lyons produces Nova tutorials and support material, and provides Nova community support. He is a lecturer for the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at Stanford University.

John Pataki

John oversees software development and support infrastructure, IT systems, and business operations for Nova. He manages strategic partnerships.