Latest version:  Nova R13.6.0 (July 2016)

Note: Software license files from June 2013 or earlier will not work with the current Nova release.


Please read all instructions before beginning installation process.

  1. Download and Install Nova. Linux: unzip/untar Nova directory.
  2. Start Nova. As prompted, copy hardware key then “Request License.” Linux: run using shellscript
  3. Once directed to the Software License page, fill in the request form.
  4. This emails you a license and creates your account with online support and community features.
  5. Download the email attachment. If you don”t see a license in a minute or two, check your spam folder.
  6. From Nova, “Install License”. Select license file and click ok.

Windows Users: You should uninstall the previous version before installing this update. To uninstall:

  1. go to C:\Program Files\Nova and click on unins000.exe .
  2. If when running Nova the Plug-ins Pallet is empty and the Model Library is not enabled, it is because Nova installed itself in the wrong directory. This should be fixed in 13.4.1. If not, it is simple to fix:
    1. Look for the Nova folder in  C:\Program Files (x86)
    2. Move this folder to C:\Program Files
    3. Change the shortcut on the desktop to refer to C:\Program Files\Nova\Nova.exe

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