Logistic Chaos

This model maps the logistic equation xn+1 = Axn(1-xn) over a sequence of values of A, starting at 3.4 and incremented by .00003. For each value of A, 500 iterations of x are computed and graphed. Stocks are used to represent A and x. The function STEP(.00003, 500) in the flow Aifier steps the value of A by .00003 every 500 time units. x is iterated by its flow Del_x. The graph displays the 500 iterated values of x for each value of A.

Nova Online: Logistic Chaos (opens in new tab)

Running this model:
1. Click on the “Capture” button in the tool bar.
2. Click “Load” next to “Capture.”
3. Click “Exec” to run the model through multiple iterations. Click “Stop” to stop the graph.
4. To run the model step by step, click “Capture,” “Load,” “Init,” then “Step.”