Antz is a very cool and complex sim world model that simulates the behavior of ants as they leave a nest and search for food. Once they find food, they release a pheromone that allows other ants to follow their path to the food. This model also accounts for the probability of ants giving birth while in the nest as well as dying. Ant and patch color change based on how much food the ants are carrying. This model has submodels that control ant behavior, ant movement, patches, patches with food, and nest patches. These submodels allow for interesting group behavior between the ants and a range of tile types. This model provides a good guideline for setting up a diverse cell matrix where agents can interact.

Nova Online: Antz (opens in new tab)

Running this model:
1. Click on the “Capture” button in the tool bar.
2. Click “Load” next to “Capture.”
3. Click “Exec” to run the model through multiple iterations. Click “Stop” to stop the graph.
4. To run the model step by step, click “Capture,” “Load,” “Init,” then “Step.”