Host:¬†CalHacks 2.0 (UC Berkeley’s campus wide annual hackathon)
Challenge: Best K-12 financial education game
Product: An interactive web-based game built on Nova

Oliver’s work demonstrates the ability to use Nova as a cutting-edge tool at the intersection of academic research, education, and industry. In 36 hours and competing with over 2,100 hackathon participants, Oliver and computer science teammate, Gurpreet Atwal, created a Nova-driven web application that won PwC’s educational game challenge. The game’s framework incorporates SIR disease and socioeconomic modeling principles to offer a robust approach to such complex computational systems as human disease transmission. This game, which will be distributed to K-12 classrooms across America, relies heavily on epidemiological modeling to educate students about the local and global impacts of financial responsibility and disease transmission – two concepts that will be difficult to teach without such interactive educational tools.

Way to go Oliver! We are proud of you!