Dean Monette Uses Nova to Combat One of the Most Invasive Species on the Planet

National Park Service fellow Dean Monette examines the invasion ecology of exotic snails in the Everglades.

5-day Workshop on Nova at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Nova Founder Dr. Richard Salter and UC Berkeley’s Dr. Wayne Getz lead intensive using Nova to study optimal movement pathways over heterogeneous landscapes containing resources, competitors, and enemies.

Nova Goes Mobile in MOOC on Mathematical Modeling of Epidemics

Dr. Lauren Riva develops mobile apps using Nova for St. Mark’s MOOC which has enrollees from public and private schools representing high schoolers, graduate students, and professors from Thailand, the UK, Israel, Ethiopia, and Canada, as well as the US.

Nova is now Numerus Model Builder!

Visit to download the latest version


Coming Soon:  Nova On Line™

Nova On Line (NovaOL) uses the same NovaScript™ representation as Nova Desktop to deploy browser-based simulations that run natively in JavaScript. A version of Nova Desktop, enhanced with the NovaOL auto-generate feature, creates a “ready to publish” configuration for deployment on a Web server. The transparent translation from Nova Desktop to NovaOL simplifies any further enhancements of the Web version to contain additional material or even multiple simulations. Available 3rd quarter 2016.


Click to visit the Novaol Model Library

Auto-generated NovaOL examples can be sampled from the Nova Desktop Model Library entries on this site.

Cross-platform Modeling

Seamlessly integrating system dynamics, spatial, and agent-based modeling paradigms with a flexible scripting

language that supports classroom instruction, rapid prototyping, and parameter optimization.

Graphical Modeling Interface

Quickly build models using familiar drawing tools and visual “stock-and-flow” components on a  canvas.

Dynamic Output Displays

Customizable graph and tabular display components embedded on the canvas display model outputs in real-time which can be copied and saved.

Nested Submodels

Any model can be used as a submodel with input and output “pins”, simplifying and expanding the complexity of models possible.

Model Library and Community

Nova comes with numerous models which can be saved, stored, and shared online for

distributed use in multiple contexts.

Start Modeling with Nova

Join Nova’s community and participate in Nova modeling, the model library, and support forum.
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